The craft above was our first one man craft. It was in Science & Mechanics magazine, nationally, in 1961...

 We have 50+ years of hovercraft market research and study under our belts. We're some of the original Hovercraft Pioneers in the U.S. * We are starting a progressive group of hovercraft thinkers, designers, engineers, pilots and entreprenuers who are willing to gather from time to time to discuss all aspects of the hovercraft industry. If your intrigued... your qualified!

One major discussion is to talk about putting together a hovercraft rescue pilots association here in California. We are in touch with the rescue association in Canada and they are willing to link with us. 

We can discuss the worlds used craft market....

There is an entire "Extreme Sport" race league that has yet to be organized in this state. Teams could be formed to compete with the well established race events ..out east. 

I'm Michael Crisman: I have 50+ years of hovercraft research experience. I'm inviting interested parties to gather with me for slide show presentations and discussions once a month on everything to do with hovercraft. Home build Design and Construction talks, Race events, commercial applications, the current used craft market, costs, fishing, hunting, rescue, private property protection,etc. We also have exclusive designs to manufacture.The craft below is one of my enclosed 6 passenger models. Below that is a "Hover-Yacht" design...  It's Nice To Dream   ..   :-)

This could be fun and ideally - lead to taking action on some local hovercraft projects. 

I'm talking now with the SYC to schedule meetings once a month. Plz contact me so I can answer questions and inform you when the meetings will be. Fair Enough?    916-425-75forty

The Best To You And Yours Today.... and every day.